Long-lasting Islamic Songs in Welcoming Ramadhan 1438 H

Hello again readers!!

In Islam, there is a special month in a year to have. Why is it so special? Because every muslim in the world will do Fasting Month (Bulan Puasa). During this special event, every goodness will be counted multiple reward than usual. That’s why they look forward to having great blessings.

Not only does the rewards count, but also other special things are very interested in this Fasting Month. There are some certain things identical with Ramadhan, such as food, fashion, and music.

We do fasting for almost 14 hours. It’s not a short time to defend hold up hunger, thirst, emotion, etc. Therefore, we need time to relax our body from the tiredness, one of the ways is by listening to music.

In line with this, there are usually some singers and music bands will publish islamic songs during Ramadhan. Although there have been many Ramadhan songs created, there are some of them can be considered as long-lasting songs, like in the followings:

  1. Ramadhan Datang by Tompi
  2. Ramadhan by Maher Zein
  3. Salam Ramadhan by Haddad Alwi feat Gita Gutawa
  4. Rasool Allah by Harris J
  5. Tombo Ati by Opick

Furthermore, spending fasting time by listening to “Ramadhan” songs can make us feel the heart of Islam inside. So, enjoy listening to these songs.

Thanks for reading


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