at first, maybe you will wonder.. what is Unfest 2.0?
To answer your curiosity, I will tell you a glance about it.
UNFEST is an abbreviation for Unnes Night Festival.
It is an annual event held by Unnes to provide the students such an entertainment festival, which include integrated expo and music concert.
2017 is the second year after it was launched in April 2016.
This year, they take theme “Manus vs Machina”, describing when ethnics meet technology

. unfest.jpg


This event had just held on April 27-28, 2017 at Kampung Budaya Unnes for the integrated expo event, and the music concert at Prof. Soegiyono Sport Field. They invited Naif, Payung Teduh, DJ Lady Ann, Tanggal Tua, and many more.

To depict the euphoria, here are the photos:


(photo: my friends and I were at Integrated Expo)


(photo: naif band)


(photo: Payung Teduh band)



That’s fun, isn’t it? If you want to feel the euphoria, too, just come next year.

Thanks 🙂



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